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 Dear Sir or Madam, 

This is to inform you that if you wish to be considered for the solicitations of the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa (UNOCA), your company must be registered with the UN Secretariat through the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM) website at www.ungm.org, which is the UN global portal for Procurement activities.


To register your company, please follow the below instructions:


Go to the UNGM website (www.ungm.org) and click on "Register" on the left side of the UNGM home page.  On the next screen, click on the button "Continue to registration." You should be directed to a page where you will need to read and accept the "UN Supplier Code of Conduct" and fill out some basic information on your company. Click again on "Continue to registration" and proceed by entering your company's valid e-mail address that will be used to activate your new UNGM account.

An e-mail with the activation link will be sent to your e-mail address. As soon as you receive the e-mail, click on the activation link so that you will be re-directed to the UNGM's Account Activation page, where you can continue to complete your registration at Basic Level by filling out all the required field (marked with asterisks *). Once all the mandatory fields are filled out, click on "Submit my registration" in order to finalize the process.


Please ensure to register your company with its full legal name and that “UN Secretariat” (which includes also UNOCA) is selected among the list of UN Organizations before submitting your application to the UNGM. Once you had completed the registration, please send an e-mail with your UNGM number to unlb-procurement@un.org.


Further information on the registration process are available on the UN Procurement Division (PD) website at the following link, where you can also download an interactive guide to UNGM: http://www.un.org/Depts/ptd/vendors/vendor-registration-0


Should any additional information/assistance be required, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at +241 05 27 92 92, or by email to unoca-procurement@un.org



Thank you for your interest in working with the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa.



Please find below our current procurement advertisements (Expressions of Interest). 



Closing date


Installation and connection wired network for both voice and data communication in UNOCA's premises - DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT



 23 FEBRUARY 2015



Contract for the Provision of Printing Services and Branded Promotional Materials to UNOCA

"Download the document"



05 May 2015.


The Expression of Interest (EIO) does not constitute solicitations. The United Nations reserve the right to change or cancel these requirements at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. The United Nations Procurement Division considers a firm's qualifications and experience in the particular commodity/service area, and previous performance, when preparing a list of invitees. Therefore, in the case of EOI's concerning equipment or supplies, for responding vendors who are not manufacturers, full details of the vendor's status as a factory-appointed wholesaler or distributor must be provided if not already on file with PD. Thus submitting an EOI does not automatically guarantee a firm will be considered for receipt of the solicitation when issued. 


For more information, please visit United Nations Procurement Division: http://www.un.org/depts/ptd/eoi.htm or http://www.unlb.org/procurement_activities.asp