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At the initiative of the UN Regional Office for Central Africa and Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Central Africa, about twenty journalists, bloggers and civil society representatives gathered in Douala reaffirmed the need to raise awareness and undertake concrete actions for social cohesion, togetherness and peace.

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Heads of delegation (UNSAC) also adopted the “Kigali Declaration” on this issue. Photos UN Rwanda

In accordance with its mandate, the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa is responsible for mobilizing subregional actors to support the peace process in the CAR, in close cooperation with MINUSCA. Photos MINUSCA/Leonel Grothe Tossela.

During a meeting in his Cabinet on 5 October, in the presence of his colleague in charge of Communication, the Central African Minister of Digital Economy, Posts and Telecommunications (first from right) indicated that the government has already started to take steps towards the successful organization of a Regional Forum to advance the process of adopting a community instrument against hate speech in Central Africa. Photo UNOCA/Norbert N. Ouendji.